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  SCDC System structure


SCDC Introduction

SCDC, Supply Chain Data Center was established in 2011 under the guidance of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Supply of goods and documents to exchange information instantly supply chain information platform.

Traditional logistics operations are limited to the process, including importers and exporters, suppliers, shipping companies, airlines, customs clearance, HUB warehousing, With the ITI Group, the file and communication round-trip time, language restrictions, and complicated business relationships, leading customers to check the latest situation takes a long time to wait, ITI Group to overcome these complex factors with partners to develop this logistics supply chain system.

SCDC system structure includes the following six modules and a platform:
1.Order Management
2.Cargo tracking
3.Booking Management
4.Bill management
5.Document Management
6.Warehouse Management
7.Information exchange management platform

The rapid, correct and timely exchange and integration of logistics information through the electronic document system of each company's headquarters and SCDC's six modules, Vertical integration of upstream and downstream logistics system, to reduce operating costs, improve service efficiency, give customers immediate and rapid response to meet customer needs. In the global shipping process, ITI provides customers with the latest dynamic flow of goods and real-time status. Improve the quality of logistics services, and create YuTai Group's core competitiveness.

Bring the advantages to customers

SCDC has the following five points for customer benefits:
1.Provide customers a single window, one-stop service.
2.To provide customers in the shipping supply chain order control, booking and tracking of goods and other management functions.
3.Easy to operate and user-friendly service management platform.
4.Reduce the time, manpower and costs customers spend on shipping their goods.
5.Improve customer logistics efficiency, but also can reduce the risk of cargo damage.